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Churu Bites - Chicken with Tuna 3 Pack

Churu Bites - Chicken with Tuna 3 Pack


Chris the Cat is teaming up with Inaba to bring you the best in cat treats! Try these Churu Bites and let your cat enjoy the taste of quality. This 3 pack includes:


3 Churu Bites Packs - Chicken wraps with Tuna Churu Filling


Filled with the Churu your cat loves!


We've taken our original, delicious Churu filling and stuffed it into a yummy baked chicken paste shell to create Inaba Churu Bites for Cats. They have two textures- a soft, chewy chicken outside and a creamy savory Churu filling inside.


These unique bites contain 72% moisture to help with keeping your cat hydrated. We've also added Vitamin E to help support their immune system and Green Tea Extract for its antioxidant properties. Plus, each bite-sized treat is only about 13 calories making these a low-calorie, healthy treat you can feel good about feeding.


You'll have them eating out of your hands. Inaba Churu Bites for Cats make snack time fun for you and your cat.

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