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Who is Chris the Cat?

It was 28 Years ago during a visit to a zoo where an educational show on Tigers was taking place that the miracle happened. Only two years old at the time and in his stroller, Chris was captivated with the baby tiger in the hands of the expert giving the talk. Then, it happened!

The baby tiger locked into a stare with Chris and then leaped from the arms of its keeper into Chris’ stroller and immediately licked him on the nose.  At the same time the tiger cub’s paw accidentally scratched Chris’ hand. The cub was then pulled abruptly from the stroller but when he was, his paw received a tiny cut and a drop of blood fell directly on the scratch Chris had received, making them blood brothers forever.

It was noted that while most babies would have cried from such an incident that Chris never did.  It was at that exact moment that they heard Chris purr for the first time!  In fact, from that day forward he would never cry again when he would get upset.  He would ROAR!

The very next day at home in the kitchen his mother watched in amazement as Chris leaped 4 ft straight up on to the counter, grabbed his bottle and tipped it back for a drink.  He then leaped to the top of the refrigerator and took a banana.  "My oh My!" said his Mom.  "From this day forward we are going to call you.....CHRIS THE CAT”------ story to be continued, check back once a month for updates and the Adventures of Chris The Cat.

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