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About Us

In 1991 Steve Cantin met Harriet Morier at a cat show where she was showing her Abyssinian Cats and also selling her hand made cat toys.  Steve's son Chris was with him and only four years old at the time.  While he was talking to Harriet about her toys Chris suddenly disappeared!  In a panic Steve ran all around the cat show looking for Chris only to find him under the table right next to Harriet’s booth with another little boy his age playing with a cat.   Relieved, he continued the meeting with Harriet and explained to her that he was a video producer and familiar with making infomercials.   Steve felt her feather toy that mimicked the flight of a bird was so cool that a video would promote its sales like crazy.


That led to the production of a music video that has been used and updated 20 times as new GO CAT TOYS and attachments would be added. The toy also needed a name and GO CAT needed a logo.  The product also needed packaging so it could be sold in stores.  So, from that point the story begins- Steve created a music video to the sound track of the Blue Danue.  Four different artists made logos and they took a little bit from each one to get the final GO CAT logo of a confident Super Hero Cat with a cape and the slogan, "Quality Cat Toys made in the USA!"

Then, all we needed was a name for the toy that flew like a bird and drove cats crazy from the way it spun, twirled and sounded. Cheers was a popular TV show at the time and they would sit at the bar and always say "DA BEARS" when talking about the football team.  A light flashed and Steve came up with the name "DA BIRD" and it stuck!  Another magical moment happened during production of the video.  He noticed how the cats reacted to the video on the screen with the DA BIRD flying in it.  So his next production was the Cat Adventure video, produced exclusively for cats to watch with all the sights and sounds they love.

After that Steve partnered with the man that had just invented the Turbo Scratcher and he made a video that promoted both on the same loop and he is very proud to say that in 1993 he had the first pet products on an end cap display in stores.  Business has been exploding ever since and Steve has the GO CAT line, our Catnip, Videos and Light on Water scratch pads created with photography from the 4 year old Chris that was under the table in over 10,000 stores worldwide.

This is what give CHRIS THE CAT the ability to put together the best deals on the #1 interactive cat toys world wide for the last 25 years. The GO CAT FEATHER TOY line is endorsed by TICA (The International Cat Toy Association) and almost all of the GO CAT line is hand crafted in the USA (Michigan).  Plus, Steve Cantin Productions has sold over one million copies of videos for pets to watch and the latest title is the CAT DREAMS DVD.  Top that off with the fact that we have superior all-natural catnip grown for us, that which we sell a million bags per year under numerous brands with our top-of-the-line titled Tiger Grass.

Recently the original Chris, the one that was playing with cats under the table, received his degree in photography and created the LIGHT ON WATER cat scratch pad line coupled with our TIGER GRASS all natural catnip and that was added to our line! 10% of the profits of that line are donated annually to CAT RESCUE GROUPS.

So that is the story how a father named Steve and his son Chris (AKA CHRIS THE CAT) got to this point in this wonderful journey.

It continues with our two new rescued cats JUPITER and MARS, who are super spoiled and living in their own condo above our offices testing out all the new handcrafted all natural toys, cat scratch pads, lasers and videos.  Many of our toys under our CAT LURE brand are exclusively designed and handcrafted for Chris The Cat customers and are not available in stores.

Stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channel for updates on the adventures of Chris The Cat and all our new CAT TESTED “TWO PAWS UP!” all natural cat toys!

Click this link to find out more about our toys which carry the CHRIS THE CAT “TWO PAWS UP!”  Catisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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