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Chris the Cat Brings you Inaba's Churu Treats!

 Inaba is deeply rooted in a family tradition of excellence that has continued for generations. Since 1958, pet parents have entrusted them with the privilege of providing food that is human grade, nutrient rich, and guarantees feline fun. They are committed to the future of feline health while recognizing that food is one of life’s greatest joys for people and pets. Inaba uses the best ingredients for your pet and the planet, meaning their protein sources are ethically and sustainably sourced, and their recipes are free from preservatives or artificial colors. Churu, lickable wet treats, are designed for hand feeding to create a closer connection between pet parents and their pets.  Inaba makes treat time fun! Inaba treats are low-calorie, grain-free and moisture-filled, which is essential for pets who enjoy exclusively dry food. Inaba packs their recipes with healthy ingredients to keep the pep in your pet’s step. Try them today!

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