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Flicker Pom

Flicker Pom

$8.95 Regular Price
$7.95Sale Price

The Flicker Pom is a new Cat Lures toy! It is sturdy, soft, fluffy, and a great eye catching lure to get your cat moving. With a long, genuine, fluffy fur tail, a pop of color or natural look, your cats will love the Flicker Pom! The jitter movement this toy makes gets cats pouncing! See the 3rd photo for size reference. Watch the video on this page to see our cats playing with the Flicker Pom. Use a rod with our brand new Cat Lures Design to exercise your cat and give them the best play experience! Your cat will thank you for the Flicker Pom!


Handwoven from all natural fibers on a strip of leather. Cat Lures come with a loop that attaches easily to the snap swivel! Handcrafted for Go Cat Feather Toys, the original Cat Catcher is the #1 rated interactive ground prey cat toy and was used in many of the early episodes of My Cat from Hell starring Jackson Galaxy. The Flicker Pom is handwoven the same way the CAT CATCHER is, giving it the same texture cats love! The Cat Lures have a movement that brings out the hunting instinct in cats and fulfills their natural needs. Cat Lures come with a loop that attaches easily to the snap swivel on the Cat Lures Lightning Rod, Cat Lures - Cat Fishin' Rod, Cat Lures Action Rod, and any other rod with a swivel clip.

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