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Catnip EEL

Catnip EEL


A new catnip toy from Cat Lures! The 16" Catnip EEL is a refillable and washable toy! Each plush fabric fish comes with a strong velcro catnip pocket and a loop so you can use a Cat Lures rod (rod not included) for interactive play! Using our Super Potent Meowee Wowee Catnip Pouches to fill the pocket with less, to no mess. Meowee Wowee is very potent catnip grown in the US and Canada. You will receive 2 large pouches of Meowee Wowee All Natural Catnip with the fish. These pouches work perfect with almost all refillable catnip toys. The catnip oils that your cat loves, are released through the pouch. This can be used as a toss toy but we still recommend that these are put away after play. Try the fish and catnip pouches today and your cat will thank you! 

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