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Buds and Fur Frenzy... Sounds like a party.


Make sure you use a Cat Lures rod with our toys! This gives your cat the best hunting and exercise experience.

Your cat has a natural instinct to hunt, tap into it with our all natural Cat Lures.

Your cat knows the difference.

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Cat Lure Cats

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Cat Lures, Nairobi, Kenya

Go Cat Feather Toys have been handcrafted by 45 individuals in Charlotte, MI for over 30 years.


In addition, our Cat Lures are handcrafted by our team of 60 artisans in Nairobi, Kenya, who have been making fishing lures for decades.  


We are excited to use our business as an economic opportunity to provide better lives for our extended family in Michigan and Kenya.  Don't just buy our products because they are safe and healthy for your favorite feline, buy from a company you can be proud of.  


Rated 2 Paws Up

Handcrafted toys and premium catnip your favorite feline will love. 

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