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The Ultimate Cat Fishing Box

The Ultimate Cat Fishing Box


Our greatest package yet! With NEW EDITIONS! The Ultimate Cat Fishing Box includes:

-1 tackle box to store everything included!

-1 oz Tiger Grass catnip

-Cat Dreams DVD

-Cat Lures Laser

-Meowee Wowee Large catnip buds Tin

-1 Cat Lures Action Rod

-1 Cat Lures Cat Fishin Rod with Dragonfly

-2 Cat Lures Turkey Flyer

-1 Go Cat Super Da Bird

-1 Go Cat Purr-Peller

-1 Cat Lures Rooster Fly

-3 Mr. Wiggler Assorted Colors

-1 Lizzie the Lizard

-1 Moth

-1 Cat Catcher

-1 Da Rat

-1 Hedgehog

-1 Big Feather Pom

-3 Shrimp Assorted Colors

-1 Wooly Mouse

-1 Queen Bee

-1 Da Bee

-1 Bumblebee

-1 Octofly

-1 Monster Bug

-1 Birdie

-1 Feather Mouse

-4 Fish; Leather Fin, Feather Fin, Goldfish, Zebra Fish

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