The Cat Fishin' Box Starter Pack!

The Cat Fishin' Box Starter Pack!


The Cat Fishin' Box Starter Pack is here! We know that you love to spoil your cat, this is how you get started! This deal includes 10 of our hand-crafted Cat Lures including a Limited Edition! The Go Cat Super Rod works with every toy in the box and is so easy to switch out your Cat Lures. We also added in our NEW Duck Flyer and Meowee Wowee All Natural Catnip Buds. We know your cat will love the buds. They are grown in North America and are extremly potent. You only need to give them a pinch! Your cat will be so excited when you bring out the box to play! Order yours today!


Cat Fishin' Box Starter Box includes-

Cat Fishin' Box

Go Cat Super Rod

Cat Lures Dragonfly

Cat Lures Moth

Cat Lures Wooly Feather Mouse

Cat Lures Birdie

Cat Lures Duck Flyer

Cat Lures Orange Shrimp

Cat Lures Lizzie the Lizard

Cat Lures Fur Frenzy

Cat Lures Monster Bug

Cat Lures Limited Edition Yellow Fin Fish

Cat Lures Limited Edition Long Tail Mouse Cat

Meowee Wowee All Natural Catnip Buds


Handcrafted by the original Go Cat Feather Toy Company using all-natural fibers. The original Cat Catcher is the #1 rated interactive ground prey cat toy and has been used in many of the early programs of My Cat from Hell starring Jackson Galaxy. The Cat Lures in this box are handwoven the same way the CAT CATCHER is made giving it the same texture cats love! Then we spiced it up with added colors, created with non-toxic color fast all-natural dyes.  The Cat Lures have a jitter movement that brings out the hunting instinct in cats and fulfills on of their natural needs. Cat Lures come with a loop that attaches easily to the snap swivel on the Go Cat Super Rod, Cat Catcher and Da Bird Rod.


The brand NEW Duck Flyer made by Cat Lures! Flies with an incredible twirl!  Cat Lures are recommended by veterinarians to keep your cats healthy and happy.  Handcrafted in the USA and Kenya. The Duck Flyer comes with a swivel loop that attaches easily to the snap swivel on the rod for extra spinning action! Your cats will fly! *Feather colors may vary.