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Da Shrimp Feast

Da Shrimp Feast

SKU: SCP99755

5pc set that includes: SUPER ROD with 36” braided safety wire and easy snap swivel, 4 DA SHRIMP CAT LURES
Handcrafted by the original Go Cat Feather Toy Company using all-natural fibers from the USA.  The DA SHRIMP CAT LURES are made from the same fibers as the original Cat Catcher, the #1 rated interactive ground prey cat toy that has been used in many of the early programs of My Cat from Hell starring Jackson Galaxy.
Each DA SHRIMP CAT LURE is a handcrafted unique masterpiece that starts as a strand of leather then natural fibers are woven on to create a cat toy like no other! Each design is highlighted with colors created with the use of natural non-toxic colorfast dyes and have a texture that cats love and that makes the hunt more exciting when they win! DA SHRIMP CAT LURES comes in an assortment of colors. GUARANTEED FUN NOT JUST FOR YOUR CAT BUT FOR EVERYONE!
DA SHRIMP FEAST comes complete with the new SUPER ROD with a 36” braided safety wire and easy snap swivel that all the DA SHRIMP CAT LURES attach to easily.

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