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Da Ball and more Pack

Da Ball and more Pack

SKU: SCP99746

Includes: 4pc set - DA BALL WITH ROD, Da RAT, Cat Catcher attachment and a Tiger Grass certified organic catnip BUD BAG
Handcrafted by the Original Go Cat Feather Toy Company using all-natural fibers.  The original Cat Catcher attachment is the #1 rated interactive ground prey cat toy and has been used in many of the early programs of My Cat from Hell starring Alexander Galaxy. This package also includes the DA RAT attachment hand crafted from the same fibers that he CAT CATCHER is made from but it is woven differently and has a slightly different texture that cats love!
DA Ball is also included with a 12-inch glitter rod complete with a 36” braided safety wire that can be used with the Cat Catcher and Da Rat. Da Ball is Made in Canada with a colorful design and mylar high-lights that give each bounce a crinkling sound that cats love!
Add some feline dessert to the package with the CATNIP PILLOW. This pencil sketch of a cat image has been a top seller for GO CAT FEATHER TOYS for 20 years. It comes loaded with catnip and soft fabric giving cats that texture they love to bite and toss.

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