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Cat Catcher Bonanza Toy Bundle

Cat Catcher Bonanza Toy Bundle

SKU: SCP99738

 3 pc set that includes: CAT CATCHER complete rod with 36” braided safety wire and easy snap swivel, DA RAT and DA ZEBRA FISH attachments.
Handcrafted by the original Go Cat Feather Toy Company using all-natural fibers from the USA.  The original Cat Catcher is the #1 rated interactive ground prey cat toy and has been used in many of the early programs of My Cat from Hell starring Alexander Galaxy.
The DA RAT attachment will work with both the 36” Da Bird rod and the Cat Catcher rod that is included with this package. Handcrafted with the same fibers that are in the CAT CATCHER DA RAT has a different feel and movement that cats love making it a super ground prey toy!
Topping of the CAT CATCHER BONANZA is DA ZEBRA attachment also made with the same fibers as the CAT CATCHER with light and dark strands creating the Zebra design. Each one is unique and have a jitter movement that makes them a delightful ground prey toy that drives cats wild!

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