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Catnip Toys

Catnip Toys Encourage an Exciting Playtime

Did you know that cat scratchers are an integral part of your cat's living environment? It's true! For cats with long claws, being able to safely scratch a piece of disposable property is a huge benefit. Cat scratchers are great for redirecting your cat's attention from clawing at your carpet or furniture toward something made for the process. At Chris the Cat, we carry a full line of cat scratchers that can entertain cats of all ages, sizes, and playstyles.


Cat scratchers are an absolute essential if you want to keep your furry friend entertained and out of trouble. Scratching a cat scratcher is one of the most basic ways that your cat will get exercise. Scratching at a cat post is also a great way for your cat to relieve stress, vent anxiety, and maintain an active lifestyle. If you have an indoor cat, consider adding any one of our quality cat scratchers.

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