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Cat Joy- The Cat Catcher Engages Your Kitty

Cat Joy: The Cat Catcher Engages Your Kitty

Companion animals like dogs and cats are treated more like family members as time rolls on. As such, their health and happiness are a top concern. For this reason, cat toys that help your cat get exercise and stimulate their imagination like a cat catcher are high on the list of items to buy for your cat.

The importance of active play

Exercise is important for your cat because they spend much of their day lazing about. Their favorite activity is often sleeping. So, they aren’t naturally energetic. However, cats are curious animals and are attracted to things with moving parts and interesting shapes, so a laser light you move all around your apartment will result in your cat trying to catch it as long as it sees it.

Your cat’s new favorite toy

These qualities attract a cat to cat toys like the cat catcher. It features a stick holding and bobbling moving attachment which will immediately catch its attention. The result will be pretty much the same as the laser, with your cat endlessly playing with and trying to catch the attached bauble.

The catcher is a wand with a woven mouse-shaped item that excites your cat. It will spend a lot of time attempting to catch the “mouse” bobbing before its eyes. Cats are incredible hunters and the bobbing mouse arouses their hunter instinct as they relentlessly pursue the bouncing mouse.

Any toy you get for your cat must catch and hold its attention. Toys like the catcher and laser do that, and any time of the day, your cat will be willing to rouse itself from its extended nap and begin to play. Although the mouse is attached to the wand via a flexible wire, as your cat focuses on his mouse “prey”, he’ll lose sight of it and only focus on its quick and elusive quarry.

The mouse isn’t the only attached item you’ll find on the catcher toys. Sometimes feathers or other baubles are attached to the wire. But, whatever the bouncing object is, it will have the same effect on your cat, prompting it to catch that taunting thingamajig no matter how much effort it takes.

So, give your cat a catcher toy that will bring it joy the minute you bring it out and the mouse or bauble starts dancing about in front of it. Your cat or cats will have an amazing play session with this. Meanwhile, you’ll have fun watching them play, happy to have given your cat a toy it loves so much.

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