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Chris the Cat is the #1 source for Go Cat Feather Toys.  Our USA harvested premium catnip is 100% organic and our cat toys are handwoven from all natural materials. 

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P.O. Box 83

Holt, MI 48842

Phone: 888-724-1324


United States

Interactive Cat Toys 

Interactive Cat Toys Are Perfect Environmental Enrichment Tools

Environmental enrichment is a key concept that all cat owners need to understand. This phrase is essential to understand if you want to provide a quality living experience for your furry friend. Environmental enrichment is all about placing entertaining objects and interactive cat toys into the environment that your cat is most commonly found in. Environmental enrichment is all about giving your cat the quality of life that they deserve.


By prioritizing quality interactive cat toys, you are giving your cat something to do in order to occupy their mind. You'll be able to provide a way for your cat to vent stress, frustrations, and discomfort without delving into troublesome habits, such as clawing at furniture. While we are focused on cat toys, there are other ways to improve the environment that your cat lives in. Consider installing vertical climbing areas so that your cat can move and exercise as much as they want. For all of your environmental enrichment needs, head to Chris the Cat which is located in Holt, MI.