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Feline Fun Bag

A Feline Fun Bag is the Perfect Holiday Gift

When you want to surprise a loved one, what do you typically get them? A gift card? A nice dinner? Have you ever thought about getting your loved one a nice gift for their pet? Cat owners love to have something new to share with their furry friend and Chris the Cat just so happens to have new gifts for sale. Today, we are going to be highlighting the Feline Fun Bag.


The Feline Fun Bag is a wonderful little gift that will keep even the most reticent of cats entertained. The Feline Fun Bag is a standard-sized catnip infused paper bag that is made out of completely recyclable materials. Featuring quirky kitty designs, the Feline Fun Bag is available in 2-packs for the price of a single small cup of coffee. We assure you, any cat will love these bags for a longer period than you will enjoy that cup of coffee!

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