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How Catnip Can Make The Perfect Kitty Treat?

Here at Chris the Cat, our goal is to provide you with top-quality catnip and handmade cat toys. If you want to give your cat a treat, consider ordering some of our high-quality, certified organic catnip. Here at Chris the Cat, we specialize in offering a wide range of amazing catnip product options. Let's look at a few of our most popular brands, below!


If you are interested in organic catnip or organic catnip buds, Tiger Grass might be the perfect product for you. Our Tiger Grass catnip products are available in a range of sizes and styles. From our 1oz gold foil bag of Tiger Grass Catnip for $6.95 to a large catnip bud tin for $19.95, you'll be able to find the perfect product for your furry friends. All of our catnip is completely organic and 100% certified. All catnip is hand-harvested in North America.

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