Da Bird and Cat Catcher Plus Pack

Da Bird and Cat Catcher Plus Pack

SKU: SCP99740

Includes: 4 pc set - CAT CATCHER WITH ROD, DA FEATHER MOUSE ATTACHMENT, 36” DA BIRD, 1-oz TIGER GRASS Certified Organic Catnip

Handcrafted by the original Go Cat Feather Toy Company using all-natural fibers from the USA.  The original Cat Catcher is the #1 rated interactive ground prey cat toy and has been used in many of the early programs of My Cat from Hell starring Alexander Galaxy. The new DA FEATHER MOUSE is the CAT CATCHER with an added tail of feathers that cats LOVE!
Topping of the GO CAT SUPER COOL CAT TOY BUNDLE is the original handcrafted in the USA- DA BIRD that has for the last 30 years remained the number one interactive cat toy in the world!
The special way that it is made created a cat toy that mimics the flight of a real bird and makes a sound when it flies that excites cats so much that they will search out this toy when not in use as the hunt is on!
Plus, for the icing on the CAT CAKE included in this bundle is a 1-oz bag of our SUPER POTENT TIGER GRASS CERTIFIED ORGANIC CATNIP. It comes packaged in a GOLD FOIL ZIPLOCK BAG to maintain freshness and to signify how it earned the name “THE GOLD STANDARD” of certified organic catnip for its superior quality!

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Chris the Cat is the #1 source for Go Cat Feather Toys.  Our USA harvested premium catnip is 100% organic and our cat toys are handwoven from all natural materials. 

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