Cat Dreams DVD, Tiger Grass and GO CAT Treats

Cat Dreams DVD, Tiger Grass and GO CAT Treats

SKU: SCP99748

Includes: 5 pc set - CAT DREAMS DVD, 1-oz TIGER GRASS certified organic catnip, CATNIP PILLOW, FEATHER PONG, and FUR PONG
Handcrafted by the original Go Cat Feather Toy Company the FEATHER PONG is a colorful toy handcrafted with feather and a ping pong ball full of rice—one PING from your cat’s paw and the mad chase and fun will begin.  The FUR PONG is made the same way but the fur gives the cat something to grab and toss at will!
After a hard day of play pop in the CAT DREAMS DVD and give your Feline Friend a super way to relax to a 90-minute loop of all the sites and sounds cats love!
Top that off with a pinch of our TIGER GRASS certified organic catnip. This 1-oz of Super Potent Certified Organic Catnip come in a GOLD FOIL ZIP LOCK BAG to maintain freshness and as a reminder that it is the GOLD STANDARD of Catnip!
For more catnip fun with a soft touch we have also included the CATNIP pillow for one more toss toy that will fill your cat with joy.

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Chris the Cat is the #1 source for Go Cat Feather Toys.  Our USA harvested premium catnip is 100% organic and our cat toys are handwoven from all natural materials. 

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